Firstly I need to thank the ever-lovely niallispretty for prompting this AU. You should all read her stuff if you haven’t, she’s great all her stuff is amazing. If I could find the original prompt I would… Err anyhow it was Ziall Catholic Boys School with Zayn being a bad boy and Niall being a choirboy.

There’s another cameo in here. Remember it’s a member of the Jonas Brothers or Big Time Rush. And then leave me an ask with your guess on it, please don’t go Anon either. Remember, I take the first three correct answers.

Also, I highly doubt that Uncle Simon would make a good priest.

I wonder if he knew just how fuckable he looked in his uniform. Probably not, he didn’t even have any conception of how attractive he was period.

And he was a good little Catholic boy, a literal choirboy. But then I was a literal choirboy too, except I wasn’t anyone’s idea of a good Catholic boy. I was the bad boy, the kid who had been sent to Catholic School because no public school would take him.

I think sometimes Niall was made to just drive me up the wall. That smile, that voice, that mouth, that body, those eyes. God, those eyes, somehow they reflected every shade of blue known to man at the very same time. Those eyes were what drove me insane, they were so damn beautiful. Everything about him was beautiful, but the eyes were what I loved.

He was laughing with his friends. He was always laughing. And usually it was the smaller guy who had a definite Hispanic heritage that was making him laugh or the pale boy with the blue-grey eyes. I didn’t even know what his friends’ names were, but I didn’t carea bout them, my world revolved around that angel in their midst.

"Zayn," Liam waved his hand in front of my eyes, obstructing my view of Niall and his friends, "Zayn, you’re turning into a stalker, if you like him that much tell him after choir practice when no one is around,"

I blinked at Liam and shook my head. “No,”

"He likes you too, Zayn! I’ve seen him staring at your ass for fuck’s sake!"

I raised an eyebrow. “You mean little perfect Catholic boy Niall? I doubt that Liam,”

Liam rolled his eyes. “You’d be surprised by how innocent he isn’t,” Liam grumbled. “But seriously, it’s getting physically painful to watch you crush on him, no one uses the Chapel after choir practice anyway, you’ll have plenty of time to talk,”

"Okay, fine!" I snapped, standing up and stomping my way over to Niall and his friends. I pushed past the Hispanic boy with the spiky hair (who protested loudly at being shoved) to stand in front of Niall. "After choir practice I want to talk to you…alone,”

Okay, so perhaps growling out the invite was not the smartest thing. But, I wasn’t going to apologize because I was never going to forgive Liam for forcing me to do this.

Niall sort of stared after me with these wide puppy eyes, in general managing to make the perfect look of cute confusion.

Focusing on singing was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I had a solo, too, but I kept missing the high note. Something I almost never did. The Sister running choir practice seemed to be running out of patience with me quickly. When I messed up on the note for the fourth time in the row she slammed her hands onto the piano keys.

"Mr. Malik, if you have something better to be doing than worshipping God I suggest that you go do that and stop wasting our time,” She snapped her beady black eyes throwing daggers at me.

I looked at the ground as she berated me. What I should’ve done was apologize like a good boy. What I did do was flip her the bird. Not really, the smartest move I’ve ever made. But the shocked look on her face was worth it.

"OUT!" She screeched, (like the harpy I had the sneaking suspicion she was) standing up and pointing at the Chapel door. "Go to Father Cowell’s office right now!"

Well, damn. Smart move, Malik, now you won’t be able to talk to Niall.

I caught his eyes as I left and he smirked at me as thought part of him enjoyed the look on the Sister’s face. No way. Not perfect Angel Niall. I had to be dreaming, because in my mind he should’ve been giving me a disgusted look.


Life was not good for me for the next hour. Father Cowell didn’t yell, but he did have a habit of telling you exactly what you were with a really derisive voice. And that was actually worse than being yelled at.

Finally, when he was done telling me off he gave me an almost soft look. “Despite what I’m told and how you act, Mr. Malik, you are not a bad kid. You’re actually a really good one, and I wish that you would act it sometimes. You are excused. Don’t forget to go to Confession and get your penance,”

I nodded, barely making eye contact with him. I had a feeling my penance was going to be hell.

Because I didn’t have another class today I made my way back to the Chapel although Choir practice had been over for at least fifteen minutes. Maybe Niall had hung around though.

I have to say, when I entered the Chapel I half-expected it to be empty. It was a nice surprise then to see Niall hanging out on one of the pews staring at the ceiling. I dropped into a spot beside him and looked up at the ceiling. “What’re we looking at?” I asked finally.

"Nothing," Niall responded. "How was Father Cowell?"

"Not fun. But he told me I was a good kid at the end,"

Niall snorted and looked at me. “I have no idea where he got that impression,”

"Shut up. I can be a good kid,"

This was the longest conversation I’ve ever had with Niall. We simply don’t run in the same social circles. But it was odd how immediately at ease I felt with him. Even knowing what I planned to confess to him.

We sat in silence for several long moments before Niall broke it. “You know, I think I’m still in awe of you. I’ve been wanting to do that to Sister Bernadette for a long time, now,”

"I think she’s a harpy," I admitted, "There’s no way she could screech that loudly unless she wasn’t human,"

Niall burst into loud laughter, his blue eyes sparkling with mirth. Watching him laugh I wanted nothing more than to just kiss him until our lips were permanently melded together. When he calmed down our eyes met and the world around us seemingly held its breath.

It was one of those moments where everything hung in the balance. I could either kiss him then or do nothing.

But while I was wrestling with the pros and cons Niall decided to make the next move. Before I knew it I was tasting those delicious pink lips. For a moment I was so surprised that I just sat there. But just as he was about to give up and pull away I pulled him across my lap and ran my tongue along his bottom lip.

The kiss went from chaste and sweet to dirty and sexy in less than two seconds. I honestly never expected to have an angel straddling me. But so long as he was there and seemingly of his own volition I would make the most of it.

He rocked his hips as I explored the wet, hot cavern of his mouth making me groan in pleasure.

Finally I pulled back trying to ignore the addictive taste of Niall still on my lips and tongue. “I would love to ravage you here and now. But I think we’ve done enough sinning in the Chapel,” I said.

Niall grinned and pulled me back in. “I say we haven’t done enough,”

Looks like Liam was right. Niall wasn’t as innocent as I imagined.

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